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The creation of ARK was funded and supported by Hue, a racial and social justice organisation founded by two women of colour, Elsa Tuet-Rosenberg & Sonia Sofat.

Hue is a team entirely of people of colour, that delivers a range of training programs that are accessible, engaging and strengths based. Their workshops are facilitated by people with lived experience to provide participatory and nuanced learning experiences for all knowledge levels.

They also provide ongoing support and consultation to organisations looking to implement meaningful change into their policies, processes and work culture.

Hue is passionate about supporting communities, and harnessing the power within our communities to create empowered change. We are so proud to have worked with High School students of colour, to create this resource for their peers. We believe that anti-racism resources should be accessible to all people, and we are grateful to have been a part of developing a resource we would have loved to have in school.

From the ARK Founders

"Hue has been critical to the creation of the Australian HS Anti-Racism Kit. Not only have they offered us generous financial support in making our initial idea a reality, but they are true partners in that they offer meaningful and insightful guidance. Most of all, they believe in the power of young people such as ourselves, and have given us full agency over the direction of the kit. We are very grateful for Hue’s support."